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Part-Time CFO Services

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Today’s small business community face a dynamic, changing competitive environment. To succeed, business owners need to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage through the use of a sound financial strategy, executed by a forward-thinking strategist, one who provides comprehensive advice on a wide range of business and fiscal related issues – the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Most CFOs could costs more than $100,000 per year, which is commonly beyond the means of most small businesses. What’s the solution? A part time or on-call CFO!


A part-time CFO offers numerous benefits at a fraction of the cost.  A part-time CFO offers small business companies the opportunity to have a top-level Comptroller with experience in the corporate global arena and entrepreneurial spirit. A small business can reap huge benefits by gaining the invaluable experience in organizational expertise of an experience financial professional on a part-time basis.


A part-time CFO will work with your company to develop, initiate and execute effective business and financial strategies that incorporate solid professional practices and the heart and soul of your business